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Commercial Support

The TightVNC project is backed by a software development company, GlavSoft LLC., which provides commercial e-mail based support for TightVNC and related products. We offer the following technical support plans (the amounts are in the U.S. Dollars):

Plan 1-Year
Supported Software
Personal $99
Purchase Now!
2 TightVNC Server for Windows,
TightVNC Viewer for Windows,
TightVNC Java Viewer,
+ early access to security fixes,
− no support for server versions of Windows,
− no tech support for commercial use.
Business $495
Purchase Now!
no limit TightVNC Server for Windows,
TightVNC Viewer for Windows,
TightVNC Java Viewer,
+ customized installer,
+ early access to all fixes.
Priority $2,500
Contact Us!
no limit All TightVNC components for all platforms
+ customized installer (automation possible),
+ early access to all fixes,
+ early access to new features,
+ support on the source code level,
+ unreleased software (e.g. RfbPlayer),
+ related software (e.g. VNC Reflector),
+ coordinated development plan.

Also, we will be happy to work out an individual support plan to meet your specific requirements.

Please contact us if you are interested in our technical support services, or have any questions or suggestions:

If you already have an effective subscription, please send us support requests to the following e-mail address:

Free Support

Also, there is a number of ways to obtain free technical support (without any warranty). See more information here.

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